Special Food

From Our Menu

BERRY SALAD -------------------------------------- $12

Blue cheese, Paupiette of chicken, rosemary salt and beans

EGG BREAD ---------------------------------------- $04

Spelt, girolles,Smoked quail, parsley, crispy egg

BERRY BREAD-------------------------------------- $09

Rosemary salt potatoes, Backed salmon, hollandaise sauce

ORANGE JAM BREAD ------------------------- $03

Artchokes, farro & black current gastrique, Fava beans

PANCAKE --------------------------------------------- $14

Marinated tomatoes, cornish mackerel, fragrant curry

MILKY FRUIT -------------------------------------- $06

Duck confit, wilted spinach, white bean & ham cassoulet

ORANGE JAM BREAD ------------------------- $03

Creamy poienta, carrots & port sauce, english peas

ORANGE JAM BREAD ------------------------- $03

Mint parsly with apple cider vinegar, sugar &spices, salt

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